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Costa Rica

If you are planning to invest, and have never visited this beautiful country then look no further than Costa Rica. Recently deemed as the happiest place on earth, it is a country with no standing army, politically stable in Central America, and  boasts 5% of the world’s species in its cloud, rain, and dry forests.

It’s climate is ideal with temperatures averaging 70 degrees throughout its 12 separate geographic areas. 100s of beaches dot its 800 miles of coastline both Pacific and Caribbean. 

You can hike in cloud and rain forests, swim and lay back on its pristine golden brown beaches and marvel at it’s active volcano’s craters. You can get closer than you ever imagined to frogs, monkeys, sloths, birds and wildlife. You can also do something different that you have always wanted to do like yoga, whitewater raft, zip lines, surf, dive, snorkel, horseback ride on the beach; learn to dance Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Bachata; attend Creole cooking classes, or simply enjoy yourself by laying back and soaking in the culture of the country many call Paradise.

San Ramon De Tres Rios

Villa Bougainvillea is located in the foothills above the capital city of San Jose at about 5000  feet (1300 meters). There are various roads that feed into the area, all joining to become one long winding stretch running east to west. Villas Bougainvillea is set on this winding stretch of road and overlooks the valley below, taking in the university district of San Pedro, the suburb of Curridabat and to the west, Tres Rios.  It’s about a 15-20 minute ride down the mountain via various routes and you have access to all the districts mentioned above, then another 15 minutes to the pedestrian mall and heart of San Jose. 

There is one bus, the San Ramon De Tres Rios bus which runs both directions and the bus stops are literally right in front of the Villa. The bus runs 7 days a week and starts at 5:30 a.m. for the morning commute to San Jose and ends around 12:01 a.m. The bus goes either west to the center of San Jose or east to a terminal at the top of the hill where you can catch another bus to the town of Tres Rios. Standing at the bus stop going to San Jose you are taken back by the towering Black Walnut trees, mingling with large fir trees that line the exterior of the property. 

Both San Pedro and Tres Rios offer every shop and amenity imaginable. Popular brand drive-through restaurants line the road in Curridabat as well as banks and retail outlets such as EPA, the Costa Rican equivalent of Home Depot. There are also plenty of small malls and grocery stores that cater to gringos with imported gringo brands. Tres Rios is on the way to Panama and the Pan American Highway, and has a huge mall with a WalMart, hotel, bars and restaurants and a Cineplex theatre. San Pedro is a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon, walking the main streets of the University District, and sampling the bars, restaurants and pizza places that cater to the students. Heading to San Pedro is also the route you will take if you want to get to the International Airport or get on the highway towards the Pacific coast, Guanacaste and eventually Nicaragua.

As we said, the Villa is situated on the main road of San Ramon De Tres Rios (Ruta 202) and is a great place to walk or jog. Walk out your security gate and you are 100 meters away from a local bakery and grocery and a short ride to one of the country’s decent chain of convenience stores, Fresh Market. Other services are close by such as a veterinarians and gas stations, video stores, churches (2 minute walk east from the Catholic Church) and local schools. Up the road to the east about a mile away is an American School, Marian Baker. On a Saturday morning, you can get up at 6 a.m. and walk down the road 50 meters and buy incredibly inexpensive and delicious fresh fruit and vegetables from a local vendor called Chantos who is selling out of the back if his pick-up truck. He parks in front of a local tiny bodega which sells freshly baked bread, a Tico (this is namesake of a Costa Rican) style Baguette which is about 98% air. Walk back and enter the gate, walk 25 meters and you are at the Villa and it feels more like a secluded piece of Paradise.

Here is a sample of delicious local produce, fresh year round. 


Some Special Places

We would be remiss if we did not mention some of our favorite and special places. All are accessible via Ruta 202 close to Villa Bougainvillea. 


Parque Del Este

Lots of wide open space, a great place to walk and exercise and an excellent environment for your kids. It contains two swimming pools, soccer fields and basketball courts. It is an ideal place for a family outing.

La Campiña Country Club

Located just down the hill from Villa Bougainvillea, this private club offers tennis, badminton, volleyball and a swimming pool with a waterslide, but no golf.


All are close to each other and accessible via Ruta 202 at the bus terminal (parada) at the end of Ruta 202 and about a mile east of Villa Bougainvillea. They all serve different types of food, from Tipico (traditional local Costa Rican fare) to barbecue and International.

Only Restaurante Maderos has a website and it is linked below for you. You can Google them and find reviews on Trip Advisor or Facebook. 

Restaurante Mirador
    Donde Miguel

Chicharronera El Pizote
       Bar & Grill

Restaurante Maderos